Wow!  We got about 8" two nights ago and so far this morning we've gotten almost a foot and it's supposed to snow through tomorrow dropping another foot - I'm figuring more.   The snow in the photos to the ls from this morning.  The steps outside the office had no snow on them when we went to bed last night!

 We are keeping up with the snow on our property and the state is taking care of 82 from here down the mountain and back toward Mayhill.   I drove down yesterday morning and though there was a covering of packed snow, the plows were keeping up and sanding/salting both directions in both lanes.  Bottom line is that unless it just dumps more than we can keep up with here, we'll get you out of here when it's time to go home!

We are starting to fill up for this weekend get your reservations in!  Remember, the best rates will be found on our website at www.cabinsatcloudcroft.com or cloudcroftnm.com. 

NOT:  The horses in the photos to the left are wild horses that wondered into town from the Apache Mescalero Reservation a few weeks ago.  They are not tame and like with all of the wildlife up here on the mountain, they will not let you get close to them.

1-29-2021  2:20 pm

In the top photo to the left is what the news folks refer to as "light rain!"  We've had a some nice fat flakes falling for the past hour and have received close to an inch so far.  It's supposed to snow until around 4:00 pm. 

Come see us!  Karl and Laura


Woke up this morning to about another 6-8" of snow on the ground!  We have several cabins available for this weekend if you want to come up and enjoy!

Come see us!  Karl and Laura


We woke up with more snow this morning and it's been snowing fairly decent all day.  Not sure how much we are supposed to get - the weather forecasts up here are rarely right!  The main highway (US 82) is clear towards Mayhill and down the mountain to Alamogordo - they keep the highway clear 99% of the time.  The city streets have been plowed at least once, some twice and they all have had salt applied so travel is not that bad - but please be careful regardless!


We started getting some sleet at around 4:00 pm and it has turned into nice fluffy flakes.  As of around 5:30 pm we have about an inch and a half on the ground and it's coming down pretty good.  Check the Burrow Ave Cloudcroft Webcam at the link below to see live video of the downtown area..

We will be updating the page regularly as weather changes.  Please check with ski areas as we cannot guarantee that their status has not changed since our last update.

Burro Ave Cloudcroft Webcam 

Current Cloudcroft Weather Status



From their page this morning:

We have been receiving a LOT of questions concerning the upcoming season. We started making snow last night, and will continue while the weather cooperates. We are tentatively looking to open around December 18th, but will be updating this and the Facebook page as we get closer. 

We will be following many of the industry recommended practices and New Mexico Public Health Orders. The safety of our guests, staff, and community will be our top priority this winter. The holidays are always a busy time, and we ask that if you are sick, feeling symptoms or uncomfortable around other people to please visit us at a later date.

We made more improvements this year, the biggest being a large expansion to the tubing hill, and moving the conveyor lift. We hope with the precautions we're taking, plenty of people will still be able to have some fun in the snow this winter. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We'll be updating more often, as we have a better idea for this winter. 

Ski Apache  

Based on the Ski Apache website today, they plan on opening on December 17. Please check their web site regularly for current status.

Trail Status https://www.skiapache.com/trail-status/

Webcam - https://www.skiapache.com/live-webcams/